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Vintage Founatin Pens Heritage from 1880s to 1970s | Parker
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Smooth Writer; Minty
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VINTAGE PARKER "65" FOUNTAIN PEN~ Stunning GOLD STRATUS ~ ~ Smooth Writer ~ ~ Double Gold Jewel / Twin Tassie ~ Circa 1970s ~~ Highly Collectible ~ Excellent Minty Overall Condition ~
vintage pen overview summary

Up here is a vintage Parker "65" fountain pen, which was manufactured in England circa 1970s. It is in stunning gold filled, with STRATUS patterning. The pen is in excellent condition, without any ding dent damage, pretty minty as new. The pen bears DOUBLE GOLD JEWEL STONE. The nib is in EXCELLENT CONDITION, and it writes smooth medium line. This Parker "65" is highly collection, a classic elegance and has been produced to the highest standards of craftsmanship, technology and aesthetics. The pen bears a aerometric filling system, and is in working condition. This is rare and very much sought after, of such a collectible and vintage pen in nice condition.

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Model: Parker "65" - England
Colour: Gold
Overall Length: 5-1/2 inches
Date Manufactured: Circa 1970s
Filler Type: Aerometric
Restoration: The pen has been conservatively serviced, polished and tested for full functionality
fountain pen history  "Unlike any pen in this world... or any other"

"A pen from Outer Space"


That was the slogan for the Parker advertising campaign launched in 1956, to introduce its newest and most revolutionary fountain pen. The pen was the striking new Parker 61. It was Parker's ambitious entry in the 'no-mess filling' competition

. According to Parker's advertising, it took years of work by a research teamof 50 people to develop the amazing 61, the first fountain pen that actually fills itself by itself, requiring no action from the user. The pen has no button, no lever, no plunger, no squeeze bar, and no cartridge or converter. The pen sucks up a fill by capillary action.

fountain pen cap THE CAP
Material: Gold
Top Ring: Gold
Top Jewel: Gold jewel
Trim Pattern: Reads 'PARKER' and 'MADE IN ENGLAND'
Pocket Clip: Parker arrow pocket clip; It is polished and adjusted to tight fit on your shirt.
Cap Screw: Push type
Work Done: The whole cap has been gently hand polished to restore its shiny condition
fountain pen gold nib THE NIB
Material: 14ct solid gold
Grade: Medium
Imprint: Reads '14K PARKER 585'
Condition of Feed : Nice
Work Done: The nib and feed has been cleaned to remove dried ink and residuals.
Imprint: N/A
End Jewel: Gold jewel
Screw with Filler: Smooth
Screw with Cap: Push type
Lever: N/A
Work Done: The barrel has been gently hand polished to restore shiny colour
fountain pen barrel
pen barrel
Type: Aerometric
Imprint: N/A
Ink Storage: Medium
Work Done: Tested
Functionality: Nice
fountain pen filler
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