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Vintage Founatin Pens Heritage from 1880s to 1970s | vintage fountain pen heritageWahl Eversharp
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vintage fountain pen heritage
Wahl Eversharp     1914 - 1957
Around 1914, Charles R. Keeran invented the basic mechanism for the Eversharp mechanical pencil, thought up the "Eversharp" trademark, and set up a company to make and sell Eversharp pencils. He relocated to Evansville. He soon entered into a business alliance with the Wahl Adding Machine Company in Chicago. Wahl officers obtained a majority share in the Eversharp Pencil Company. In 1940, the Wahl company reorganized under the Eversharp name, which was better know in the marketplace because of the continued success of the Eversharp pencil line. The Eversharp repeater pencil, introduced in 1936, was really driving sales and profits for the company, which had fallen far behind Sheaffer and Parker in total sales revenue. The company was sold to Parker in 1957. There are many outstanding models manufactured by Wahl Eversharp, and Eversharp DORIC is probably the best of all. In 1931, Eversharp introduced Doric, featuring perhaps the most authentic and most recognizable Art Deco vision ever created for a writing instrument, whose faceted design still turns heads more than 70 years after its appearance. Other fabulous models include Eversharp Skyline, Wahl Eversharp Equi-Poised, Fifth-avenue.
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Eversharp Fifth Avenue 14K Solid Gold Pen
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Wahl Eversharp Doric Kamshmir Emblem Pen
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Wahl Eversharp Maxima Equiposied Pen Set
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Eversharp Skyline Gold Award Chevron Fountain Pen Boxset
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